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The Energist | Vol.1 No.119I am a EFT Master Practitioner and Ihave been using classic, original EFTfor many years, including tapping onmyself for peak performance indancing.When Silvia Hartmann's book ‘PositiveEFT’ was published last year, I waseager to test that interestingapproach.In order to get a clear idea of theeffectiveness, I decided at that timeto use Positive EFT only for myself, and specifically to helpimprove my dancing.It was late in life when I got around to doing somethingabout my longstanding desire to be able to dance. I alwayshad the limiting belief that I, unlike other people, couldnever, ever do this.So one day, I bravely crossed the threshold of a studioand started taking lessons. I loved it from the first day onand, within two years, have become a dedicatedBallroom/Latin dancer who now regularly participates incompetitions.This is great fun, but stressful too!About a month before my first national competition inPhoenix, USA, (the others had been local), I started usingPositive EFT exclusively every day.I was very nervous, since I had to perform a brand newTango solo with my teacher and pro partner, Joe Hack,along with several freestyle dances. In addition, I wasfighting a terrible cough.These were the main phrases I used:Brilliant Dance!Perfect Frame!Gorgeous Top line!Great Footwork!Total Recall (of steps and patterns)!Awesome Performance!I'm a Winner!Every time I stepped on the dance floor, I said silently tomyself: Brilliant Dance!What can I say. I got "First Place with Honours" for thesolo, and "First Place" for all three freestyle dances (it's ascoring system). Of course, I had practiced a lot, butPositive EFT took me to the top.Several weeks ago, I went to another local competitionand performed four freestyle dances (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango,and Rumba). I had tapped for that event several weeks inadvance, having added the phrases:Strong feet!Confidence!Power and Joy!Connection!A week before the competition, I started wondering why Iseemed to have no performance anxiety at all - until it hitme three days before the event when I had my dressrehearsal.In the past, I had tapped on that very uncomfortable feelingin the classic EFT way; even though I have this performanceanxiety and my heart is pounding...This time, I used exclusively Positive EFT.I asked myself; what would be the antidote word for this?First I came up with ‘Relax’.I did several rounds with this, but it didn't change a thing.So I discarded it as the wrong word. You don't really wantto relax at a competition.Actually, you have to put out high energy at the drop ofa hat during these short bursts of dancing that theadjudicators see and then judge.What would be an effective antidote? I came up with‘Excitement’.Yes, to transform the high, but negative energy of anxietyinto the equally high, but positive energy of excitement,that sounded right!I did feel better after I tapped on that, but the real proofcame when my teacher said after the competition; "I havenever seen you that calm and confident in the ready line.What did you do?" (The ready line being the place wherethe couples wait to be called on the floor to perform, likerace horses shooting out of a starting gate - usually a pointof high anxiety.)However, what pleased me the most was that my teachertold me that one of the adjudicators had approached himpraising my "Outstanding" top line! (top line in ballroomdancing is the posture of head and upper body - veryimportant for balance, connection with the partner, and thelady's "look".)Incidentally (ahem), that is exactly what I have beentapping on; Gorgeous top line!Did I mention that I got "First Place" for all four dances?Of course other dancers get there without EFT or otherenergy therapies, and effective instruction plus regularpractice is still paramount when it comes to achievingexcellence in the performing arts or sports.However I find that Positive EFT is such a valuable toolfor me pursuing my passion of dance and I cannot imaginedoing what I do without it.Carna Zacharias-Miller is anEFT Master Practitioner basedin Tucson, USA. Her specialtiesinclude working with peoplewho grew up in dysfunctionalfamilies and introducing EFT tothe dance community. She isthe author of the book It TakesTwo to Tango - achieving peakperformance in dancing byusing EFT.To find out more about thebook and improving yourdancing with EFT, head toCarna’s website:eftfordancers.comBoosting Performance in DancingCARNA ZACHARIAS-MILLERUsing Positive EFT to tap your way to the top
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