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The Energist | Vol.1 No.19“It's a great thing to see people get empowered andconfident with it.“I also love that the AMT encourages and supports itsmembers to promote themselves and put on events andtrainings, rather than just taking a back-seat role andexpecting them to get on with it.” Although Sandra is one of the AMT's busiest trainers andhas a full schedule, she is always thinking about the futureand what direction to take next.“I have been recently looking more openly forcollaborations where I can organise and do a joint venturewith other people.“I also know that I need to get a stronger grip on internetmarketing and understanding how people are using iteffectively so I can implement those strategies for myself.“What does the future hold for me? Who knows, butwhatever happens it will be amazing!”Sandra Hillawi is hosting an EFT Master Practitioner trainingon 18-20 July and a Positive EFT training on July 27 inClapham, London, UK, as well as several other events. Forfurther details head to our website:theamt.com/eventsTo contact Sandra, find out further information about clientcase studies, healing retreats and more, head to her websites:sandrahillawi.com - healingretreats.netA poem by Anthony, a client of Sandra’s from one of herrecent healing retreats.-Here is a poem of Strength a Mantra just for youYou see inside you is that ability you just didn’t have a clueIt’s during your darkest moments that you must focus on thelightThat’s your inner sanctum that gives you the energy to fightIn you is your heart that builds your energyTo help it beat strongly you must set your baggage freeThe baggage you describe is often a painful pastIn reality it’s just energy that you have got stuck fastSo sit and look inside you at where you feel your painFocus on its energy rather than sitting and hurting, drivingyourself insaneFocus on it soften it until it can start to flowThen let it flow out of you until the pain starts to goDo it again and again focusing where you feel it every timeUntil the feelings flowed out of you and your balance starts toclimbOnce the energy has flowed out concentrate on your heartNot the pain the suffering of what’s pulling your heart apartYour Energy driver your heart that’s the worse place for painGive it love, your love, what you need to help you find you andexplainIt’s your love, is pure, it’s honest, it’s there whenever you needThis is something you can keep giving to yourself there can beno level of GreedFill your heart with your love until its overflowingThen look at your life again, I’m sure it will get you goingYou see the strength you’re looking for is your love for youAnd once you are filled up you’ll know just what to doWhen you’re filled with love from you and add that of your spiritguideYou’ll be up and walking tall, not looking to run and hideYou asked for strength to face the problems in your lifeGive yourself that love and you will be able to eat any sliceYou are a person with the ability to healGive yourself lots of love; it’s your love you are allowed to steal.Go forward now all warm with the love you have been missingAnd watch yourself grow to a future your onward missionIt’s important once you’re warm in the love you’ve given yourselfThat you focus on the here and now not photos on your shelfDo look at the pains of the past if there then again soften andflowAnd don’t flash forward to painful futures they could take awayyour glowLive in the here and now; take every day as it comesThen life will be rewarding not from the doldrumsWe can all in a loving place see and feel the real youThink as him or her and love them as what would the real medoIf you find the real you, stand calm and bask in its gloryYou see the real you will do the right thing and write a positivestoryLife has the ability of kicking anyone downBut just soften and flow that energy that’s taken you to frownI’m a man in suffering from trauma and now losing my wifeAnd yes I saw the pain only and tried to take my lifeHow bad things got as I swam in the acid of rapeThat I could not take any more pain landing on my plateThe pain of being raped was so bad that the loss of my wife Icould not feelYet when this was aloud in I found love to stop me falling andyieldI found the energy to give love to my selfAnd look at my life as valid and of enormous wealthWhat changed for me was love and respect for my soul on thisearthIt was an amazing Journey that brought me to a place of BirthI owe it to my makers, my family my girlsTo keep myself breathing and walking in this worldSo I do this I found Love, love of me myselfAnd now my latest journey is full of loving healthI’m still without my soul mate and living in separationBut I’m determined to take each day as it comes with openanticipationI will not lie there are moments when darkness of my loss comesto my doorBut I know what to do to take my soul up off the floorI give myself the love the respect that I needI give it all the love for my positive energy to feedI ask myself the question what would the real me doBe calm take every moment, the here and now is the clueI soften and flow the negatives in my lifeAnd I look at a future that’s going to be filled with my girl’s spiceIn your deepest pit of self pity justified or notGive yourself some love, no give yourself a lotI love you, I respect you and you are a man filled with loveAs I’ll give you as much as you need topped up from aboveSo here’s to softening and flowing and giving yourself the loveyou needSo to the future and life one I now want to upon feedGood luck in your journey from the painful twists of lifeI hope you find your loving energy, like me even if I never getback my wife x-Sandra is happy to report that since this poem was written,Anthony has been happily reunited with his wife and family.
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