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The Energist | Vol.1 No.27The course is called Master Energist, not MasterPractitioner or Master Trainer. Why is that?That is because as an energist, you don't have to be atherapist, or healer, or a practitioner of anything.As an energist you can advise on all things energy if youwant to do that.You can advise on the energy of business, on creativeenergy, on practical applications such as energy in the home,energy in design and manufacturing, energy in marketing,and everything else besides.But you can also simply use what you know to define yourown life, do your own thing and follow your heart whereverit will lead you.There is no box for energists. They are fluent, they areeverywhere and that is who they are.The Master Energist course is for people who simply wantto walk the earth as an energist. For its own sake. For itsown rewards.Why do you think this course is important to theadvancement of The AMT as a whole?It is important because although The AMT began as anassociation of therapists and healers, there is so much moreto being an energist in every imaginable way and then beyond.We don't just need energy healers and therapists, we needenergy THINKERS. We need people who can assess realitywith that additional 12.5% information that makes everydifference to every single thing human beings do.For many people, that pathway from personal developmentstraight into having to become a coach, counsellor, therapistor a healer is just not the right path.The Master Energist course is a "voyager program." It isfor individual people who may end up being politicians,policemen, musicians, artists, authors or composers, but firstand most important of all, they are MASTER ENERGISTS.Can anybody become a Master Energist?No. You really, and I mean really, have to know the basicsof how energy works and you have to be congruent as anenergist first.See the amazing thing with working with modern energyis that you can go so much further, so much faster.In the past, you had to write training programs around allthe various limitations, blockages, and internal problems ofthe students. Now, we don't have to any longer.We can literally tap on it if there's confusion, uncertainty,or lack of confidence.We have totally different students as a result, which meanswe can teach much more, more advanced materials andmuch more challenging materials in a much shorter time-span.The Master Energist course is a challenging course. Withouta doubt. It's intense, amazing, and undoubtedly will bringup all manner of reversals along the way.To have people who recognise how energy works, who canhelp themselves and others over the various blockages alongthe way, is of a huge importance.That's what makes all of The AMT's trainings so amazing,so successful and so information rich, we don't just talk aboutenergy, WE USE ENERGY to learn more and learn faster.This leads to what I call 'wisdom learning', not just booklearning, you really know because you've experienced it. It'sa totally different learning process.So at this time, you have to have successfully completedeither the EFT or the EMO Master Practitioner Training andhold one of the two Master Practitioner certifications to jointhe Master Energist course.There is a long list of required reading for the MasterEnergist course, Positive EFT, Energy EFT, Oceans ofEnergy, Events Psychology, and Infinite Creativity, doyou really have to have read all of those?Absolutely! I would consider those to be foundational for anymodern energist and/or AMT member. But especially Infinite Creativity is a must. If you don't lovethat, then you're not going to love the Master Energist.Reading that book is a good way to decide if this is somethingyou would ever want to do.Are you planning to run the course outside of the UK?Not at present.How do you feel the Master Energist will help shapethe future of The AMT?The AMT, our trainings, what we do and how we do it, is allbased on creative patterns, research and working withenergy in mind.I work with my energy mind. That's where my patternsand techniques come from, from the SUE Scale to the AspectsModel, from Guiding Stars to EMO's shields, thought flow andall the other things that are unique to my work, and byextension, to The AMT.The Master Energists will be the next generation who createthe new models, the next models, to keep us evolving,beyond my personal demise.I think this is of the essence, creativity, ongoing use,practical use of creativity to *create* modern methods andways of making people happier is what The AMT is all about.The world needs more powerful creative people. The worldneeds more energists, and it needs more Master Energists.It's been lonely for a long time, but now it doesn't have tobe that way any longer.We're on the right track here and by adding the true geniusof the energy mind into the mix, well, the future isexpanding, unfolding, and filled with *infinite potential* todo things that have never been done before, in all the annalsof human history. That is exciting to me.Silvia Hartmann is exclusively conducting the first everMaster Energist training on October 29th-31st at theEastbourne Centre, Eastbourne, UK. To secure your spoton the course and find out more, head to our website:TheAMT.com/courses/master_energist.htmSilvia is also teaching the AMT Energist Trainer course onthe 3rd-4th November. This two day training written bySilvia will give you the skills and confidence you need tosucceed as an AMT Trainer and teach AMT courses to thenext generation of energists.Find out more about the training on our website:TheAMT.com/courses/trainers_training.htm
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