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The Energist | Vol.2 No.2 Spring 2015 7Emotional Freedom Techniques. Energy EFT represents aquantum leap forward in the theory and practice of modern EFTas an energy based method.Using the SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience,Hartmann 2009) with its positive wing from 0 to +10 is at theheart of the development from Classic EFT to modern EnergyEFT.Based on the Energy Body Stress Chart, Energy EFT brings anentirely different treatment flow that is far more structured,more reliable, gentler on the client and more energizing to thepractitioner.As the leading publisher on modern energy work in the worldtoday, DragonRising prides itself to bring its loyal customersand new customers the most advanced methods available today.DragonRising welcomes submissions on specialist applicationsfor modern Energy EFT and invites the submission ofmanuscripts and book ideas which embrace the SUE Scale andthe concepts it represents - personal development, healing,inspiration and success through the power of positive energy.To submit a book proposal to DragonRising, use our contactform. We look forward to seeing your submissions!actionURI(http://DragonRising.com/contact):DragonRising.com/contactCheryl White Launches Book For New PractitionersEmoTrance Practitioner Cheryl Whitehas just released her new book: “SoNow I'm a Practitioner? Help!: Thingsto Know When Newly Qualified in EFTand Matrix Reimprinting”."So I'm a practitioner now? Help!"So many newly qualified EFT studentshave exactly this thought. Maybe rightaway, or maybe not until themagnitude of what has just happenedhas truly sunk in. If you trained in EFTand Matrix Reimprinting back to back?Wow; double whammy.Factual, practical, witty, supportive and most of all warm-hearted, this little book demystifies the process of gentlyreadjusting to the world and having the world readjust toyou. Filled to the brim with hints and tips for staying on trackand understanding the changes that go on within and aroundyou as you reach for your true purpose and potential.“So Now I'm a Practitioner?” is now available to download fortablets, Kindles and smart phones from Amazon by using thislink: actionURI(http://tinyurl.com/newpracbook):tinyurl.com/newpracbookThere is just a few weeks left tosubmit your presentationproposals for the AMT EnergyConference 2015 (October 10-112015) at the beautiful View Hotel onEastbourne's picturesque seafront.To make our community conferenceinteresting and relevant to energists ofall backgrounds and experiences, wehave decided to offer three differentlevels of presentations, these areBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.This is so that in theory, you couldattend the conference and all thepresentations would be tailor made foryou and the experience that you wantto have that weekend.Successful applicants will get to present their materials to the100+ delegates at our popular energy conference, which includesAMT Members, members from other energy organisations andalso other energy-aware members of the public.As the presenters are with us all weekend, they are invited tosubmit more than one presentation proposal. For example if youare planning to give an advanced presentation on EMO Energy InMotion, also consider making a proposal for a beginners levelpresentation on EMO Energy In Motion or on a different subjectsuch as Positive EFT or something closer to your heart.Presenters and their presentations will also be promoted before,during and after the event through The AMT's media outletsincluding; The Energist magazine, our vast social media networkssuch as Facebook, TheAMT.com, our newsletters and much more.Here are the key dates for AMT Energy Conference 2015presenters:● Deadline for presentation applications: 11th May 2015● Successful applicants will be notified: 27th May 2015● Deadline for AMT15 manual piece: 1st September 2015● AMT Energy Conference: 10-11th October 2015You will still need to purchase your ticket as this is a communityconference, but in return we'll invite you to The AMT's exclusivePresenters Dinner on Friday night and treat you to lunch at theView Hotel restaurant on the day of your presentation.When it comes to AMT Energy Conference presenters, we areparticularly looking for energists that have the joy of energy intheir hearts, and an understanding that the audience wants tohave profound and great experiences that they will remember formonths and years after, and not just words and a PowerPointpresentation!To submit your AMT Energy Conference 2015 presentationproposal (roughly 200-300 words so we can get a general ideaabout your presentation) use the contact form on our website:actionURI(http://TheAMT.com/contact):TheAMT.com/contact. Don't forget to include a title for thepresentation and also which level (Beginner, Intermediate orAdvanced) it will be aimed at.Our wonderful presenters are what makes the conference assuccessful as it is, and sharing what inspires you is what inspiresothers to do their very best in this wonderful field of ours. We arelooking forward to receiving and reading your presentationproposals for the AMT Energy Conference 2015!Calling Presenters! AMT Energy Conference 2015
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