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The Energist | Vol.2 No.2 Spring 2015 9Where do your beliefs come from?Have you tried everything to changethem, to create more love, money orsuccess in your life?Imagine if you could clear those earliestperceptions of belief that hold you back, thosebeliefs that stop you from fully standing inalignment with your purpose.Your beliefs about yourself are not justcreated from your day to day experiences, butcan be from way back before you even had asense of who you were.At the point of conception, your beliefs were forming, epigenicsform some (grandparents and even further back in your ancestrallineage), however your brain was starting to develop at 14-days-old, isn't that amazing?So conception, pregnancy and birth up to the age of seven canhave a major influence on your perceptions of belief.It is possible that clearing today's experiences help, but in myopinion and through over 20 years of being a therapist with muchresearch, I have found that the further you can go back thebetter.Now this doesn't mean trawling through our childhoods, all thebad things and perceived bad things that happened are just ourstory. It is about accessing the walls, the barriers and thosethoughts that are held in the 95% of the brain that drives us.That is the key.So the question is how do we get to those parts that nothingelse can reach? It is a bit like cleaning the toilet really.We can access these by using energy processes and inparticular EFT. We can also access them by subliminalhypnosis, however this takes longer and it's much moreexciting to be part of the process and be much moreempowered than just listening to a CD.I have developed eight magical processes includingvisualisations and activations inclusive of the Emotional Wallprocess to get to those parts and clear those earliestperceptions of belief creating freedom and choice in your life.If are drawn to know more, you can start your empoweringchoice process with me. You can purchase my product 8 Waysto a Magical Life, join me on my course on the 3rd May 2015in East Sussex called 8 Magical Processes, or book a bespokesession with me. All this information can be found on mywebsite actionURI(http://susankennard.co.uk):susankennard.co.uk. I look forward to hearing fromyou!Susan Kennard is an experienced AMT Energist Trainer andEFT Master Practitioner based in Hastings, England. To contactSusan and for to find out more about her, head to Susan’sAMT profile page: actionURI(http://TheAMT.com/members/susan_kennard/):TheAMT.com/members/susan_kennard/Change Your Beliefs!SUSAN KENNARD Transforming your beliefs to create more magic in your lifeFor the last 17 years, The AMT has beenbuilding a continuous library of articleson our website (actionURI(http://TheAMT.com):TheAMT.com) resultingin thousands of pages of contentdocumenting the rise and mainstreaming ofmodern energy work from the 1990s to thepresent date.When we started this archive the internet wasa very different place and all our articles andthe website itself were formatted to be viewed on a desktopcomputer screen, and not these newfangled smart phones andtablets that have a much smaller screen.Each individual article needs to be checked and updated, so youcan imagine if we've got around 2,000 pages and each one takeson average 15 minutes to reformat then that would take someoneover three months working eight hours per day, seven days perweek without a break!So, much like a curator painstakingly and lovingly reassemblingsome important historical document piece by piece, this will takea long time before we can say we're fully mobile optimised acrossthe whole website.After much hard work, internet search giant Google recentlyawarded our homepage 97% for mobile user usability, which I wasthrilled about. Why is it so important to mobile optimise onlinecontent you ask? Well, there are two reasons.Firstly, from 21st April 2015, Google will begin prioritising mobilefriendly content in their search listings, so a lot of websites thatdon't make the effort will see a lot less visitors clicking through tothem. Exactly how much emphasis Google will place on mobileoptimised and non-optimised content still remains to be seen.We also know that out of all the people coming to the website,on average 56% are browsing through a "normal" computer suchas a desktop or laptop, 30% are browsing through their smartphone and the last 14% are browsing througha tablet device.As this is going to take a long time beforewe are full certified, The AMT's team willprioritise optimising our most popular andnewest articles first and then work our waybackwards.Google give us some great tools to work with soif you are a site owner that is a bit worried, do makesure you're registered with Google WebmasterTools actionURI(http://google.com/webmasters/tools):(google.com/webmasters/tools), which is afree service.We've also prioritised the updating of a bigmajority of our AMT Professional Member'sprofile pages, as we know these are important to you for attractingnew clients and promoting yourself and your business.As of writing, our hard-working staff members have alreadychecked about 800 pages, so hopefully when you're browsing oursite through a mobile or tablet device, chances are you'll alreadybe noticing the massive difference!I've been working for The AMT for 13 years now, and this workhas made me truly re-appreciate all the articles we've collected inour archive over all these years. Each one is made freely availableto members of the public, without charge and students of the fieldcould spend many years going through all of themWe've begun highlighting these articles daily on our Facebookpage (actionURI(http://facebook.com/TheAMTOnline):facebook.com/TheAMTOnline), so please do keep checkingthe page and let us know which ones are your favourites!Alex Kent is the Director of The AMT and the head of IT andwebsite development. Alex is also the author of the popular EFTbook for children “BIG Ted’s Guide To Tapping”, to order yourcopy head online: actionURI(http://dragonrising.com/bigted):dragonrising.com/bigtedGoogle Rates TheAMT.com 97%ALEX KENTGetting ready for the mobile revolution
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