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2The Energist | Journal of The Guild Of Energists (GOE) | Vol.3 No.1 Spring 2016The Guild of Energists (GOE) amazing distance learning (DL) courses have had a long and illustrious history, enabling energistsfrom around the world, and those who cannot travel to live events, to learn the newest and best techniques from theinside-out. Our DL courses are second to none.With a personal tutor, high quality information, many wonderful exercises to bring the material to life and full certification forthe successful students, our DL courses provide not just great value for money, but offer the opportunity for true personal andprofessional development.All courses listed below have been created by and written personally by GOE Chair Silvia Hartmann, so you canrest assured of the quality of information presented.Students who have never taken an GOE DL course are astonished by the personal attention they are receiving,and how much our tutors care for their development and growth. We have also had students comment how amazedthey were, that they had to do actual personal work and report on their experiences, as other similar courses hadnot been like this at all.We are proud of our certifications, and our successful students are likewise, extremely proud of their well-earnedcertificates.We currently have five wonderful, life-changing, GOE certified courses available in our catalogue, with more to follow in thecoming years. See the list below to find the distance learning course that is just right for you.NEW - Energy EFT Foundation (4 Units) - This course is powerfully focused on healing yourself, andcovers self-help, as well as using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping with friends and family. Thiscourses contains contains a wealth of uplifting and inspiring exercises, tips and techniques especially for self-help,and is the perfect course for the EFT beginner. From November 2016, the Energy EFT Foundation course (alsoavailable as a live training) will be the pre-requisite for taking the GOE’s Energy EFT Master Practitioner course.“The brand new Energy EFT Foundation course is a fabulous information rich course whether you are newThe manual is filled with beautiful colour images and in particular the new illustrations of "The Mens" onthe SUE Scale, along with the descriptions of when to self-treat and when to seek help are a very helpfuladdition, and I have used my manual with several clients to illustrate this point.” Kelly Mayne - GOE TrainerEnergy EFT Master Practitioner (3 Levels x 4 Units. 12 Units in total) - The professional Energy EFTMaster Practitioner (EEFTMP) certification that allows successful students to lead clients in love and safety to theirown unique healing events. There is nothing available elsewhere that even comes close to the content andstructure of this course. This is by far, the most advanced and modern EFT tapping course available in the world.“EFT Master Practitioner has been the most valuable course I have ever taken, and I am speaking as someonewho has a done a lot of studying in my life, including a first degree in Psychology, a Masters in education, anddiplomas in Counselling and in Hypnotherapy.” Julia Perry - Energy EFT Master PractitionerNEW - Modern Stress Management (8 Units, EEFTMP certification required) - This deeply practical,exciting new course, allows existing professionals to expand their practice to encompass new markets of clients,including corporate markets and businesses. Please note this is not an EFT based course, as EFT is already learnedin detail in the EEFTMP course. This is an advanced, 2nd Level course for modern energists, who are ready tomake the world a better place by moving out into the mainstream, and dealing with many more and differenttypes of customers and clients.“Modern Stress Management brings a great sense of logic and structure to the understanding of stress andcreating a plan for dealing with it. I've come away with a far better understanding of the energy body, how I canraise my own energy, how to help others to do the same and how this relates to the levels of stress we feel.”Tracy Morrow - Modern Stress Management Facilitator.NEW - Energy Healing For Animals (8 Units) - Add Energy Healing For Animals to your professionalenergy practice or start a new business as an Animal Energy Healer. This complete course provides you with allthe skills and resources needed to practice safely, powerfully and successfully, as well as expanding your healingpowers in the process. An excellent course for all who love animals, or who wish to practice the basics of energyhealing in a safe and direct fashion.“Energy Healing For Animals will give anyone who wishes to develop their ability to work with love and energyfor healing animals, the tools and resources to do so. It helps to enlighten the fact that every human is uniqueand for that, all healing we do is perfect and unique.” Caroline Beauchamp - Energy Healer For AnimalsEmoTrance Practitioner Course (8 Units) - Especially created by Silvia Hartmann for distance learningstudents in mind. Contains many special exercises for students, as well as all the normal techniques and skillsets of the live practitioner trainings. Professional training course with tutor support. Contains the full practitionermanual, plus further helpful documents, manuals and downloads to ensure first class support for the successfulstudent of EmoTrance worldwide.“I would say this to anyone who is thinking about taking the EmoTrance Practitioner course, just do it! Even ifyou never used these skills and techniques with another person, it will totally change the way you view your ownenergy systems, and the world around you.” - Catherine Britcliffe - EmoTrance PractitionerEnrolment is now open for the GOE DL Sign Up Week, which commences from April 18-25 2016 To reserve your place onone or more of these wonderful courses, or to find out more information about each course, head to our websiteactionURI(http://theamt.com/signupweek.htm):TheAMT.com/signupweek.htm, or call (UK +44) 01323 700800 (9.30am-4.30pm Monday-Friday).EFT & EnergyDistance Learning Courses
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