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The Energist | Vol.1 No.26Silvia Hartmann will bepresenting her brand newMaster Energist training for thefirst time on October 29th-31st 2014.The Master Energist course willrepresent the highest level ofcertification available as a modernenergist and will be held at theEastbourne Centre, Eastbourne, UK,in conjunction with the EFT & EnergyConference which is being held at thesame venue that weekend.I recently sat down with Hartmann to find out more aboutthe training, what energists can expect from it and how itfits in with the future direction of the association.Stephen Kent: Silvia, what is this new Master Energistcourse? Is it like an advanced Trainer's Training?Silvia Hartmann: No, not at all. It's not a Trainer's Training.It's the high-end energist's training, and I use the wordtraining loosely here.This is a course for people who really get energy and whatyou can do with it.For most people, the EFT Master Practitioner training isreally all they ever need or want. It's an excellent training,beautifully designed, and it has all the patterns andtechniques you need for every day work as an EFT self helpuser or as a professional EFT practitioner.If you want to go further with more fluent, real time energywork, that's when you learn how to use EMO.You don't stop to tap any more, you deal with energyoccurrences in real time, and that immensely increases theflexibility of what you can do with it.The EFT Master Practitioner and EMO trainings are morethan sufficient for a modern energist to do wonderful things,for themselves, their loved ones, and their clients.Then we have the Energist's Trainer's Training, and that'sfor people who want to work with larger groups and teachthem the basics of modern energy work.But then there is that 5% of people who think differently.Those who want to go beyond patterns and techniques andexplore their own potential free of any expectation as to whatyou do with it afterwards, just for the love of energy. For thelove of evolution in its own right.The Master Energist Training is for those people. I am oneof them.So how does this course work? What exactly is beingtaught?A big part of the Master Energist is Project Sanctuary, learningto stream information directly from your energy mind. That'swhere the creative, true creative direct response comes from.That's where you are essentially creating your own fluentpatterns and techniques, and that's what puts the "Master"in the Master Energist Training.I am personally very excited about this. I have waited for35 years to be ready to teach not just Project Sanctuary, butin context with everything else we now know about modernenergy work.This is something I feel personally called upon to do now,it's the beginning of a new era.How long does this course take and is there a distancelearning option?This is a three-day (and at least two nights!) live andinteractive group event, I prefer that to a training. At thislevel, the actual learning happens by interaction, by theenergy that is being exchanged and what happensspontaneously with individuals in the group.There is no distance learning option for this. I have realisedmore and more as time went on how important it is to be inthe same room with another person.It makes all the difference to the experience, all thedifference to the energy and... well, you just can't do withoutit in certain circumstances. The Master Energist course is oneof those circumstances!AMT courses work in such a way that when you havetaken the training, and you are a trainer, you can alsoteach this course. Is this the case for the MasterEnergist?No, this course is the exception to the rule. There arenumerous reasons for this.Firstly, at present I am the only person who has sufficientProject Sanctuary experience to guide groups at this level.Project Sanctuary all by itself is an extraordinary thing; butwhen you bring in EMO and EFT experience, you can speedup the learning curve and make it exponential.With a whole three days in hand, we can explore manythings, answer many questions, go to many places and havequite literally mind-blowing experiences.As the creator of Project Sanctuary, I am reserving the rightto teach this for the next five years.That will give me the opportunity to develop this into aformat which can then be taken up by others.Will you continue to teach Energy EFT and EMO?No, that's a part of my personal evolution. I did not write thetraining courses for me to take them. They are written for our wonderful trainers who are goingout there and doing such an top job to bring the joy and theamazing progress of modern energy work to the world.This has been a long journey for me and I am now satisfiedthat the major building blocks are in place. People are finallylearning about energy and just what it can do for you.We also have Positive EFT now for the mainstreamaudience, simple, beautiful, so effective at making peoplehappier the world over.I feel that now the time has come for me to follow mypersonal path, and do what I love best, and that is ProjectSanctuary, thinking with the energy mind and really exploringwhat the human mind can do. That's the love of my life.The Master Energist course is currently priced at£1,600. Some might say that's too expensive.I really don't think so. Remember that this is not a course foreveryone, indeed, it's only a few people who would reallyaspire to this level of complexity and involvement.When I was a much younger aspect, I was earning £2 anhour and I managed to find £1,750 for an NLP training, andthat was 25 years ago.I sold my car, borrowed money and I made it happenbecause I knew that's what I wanted and what I needed atthe time.Personally I believe it is deeply disrespectful to presupposethat people who really want something can't make it happen.And conversely, I do want people on this course who havethat intensity, that PASSION for energy and for personalevolution that my aspects had 25 years ago, and that I stillhave today.This is not a course for certificate hunters, it's not a courseyou have to take or else. This is a course for people who wantthis, know they want this, and those are the people I wantto work with.Who Wants To Be A Master Energist?Silvia Hartmann presents The AMT’s ultimate certificationINTERVIEW BYSTEPHEN KENT
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