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8The Energist | Vol.2 No.2 Spring 2015We all go through times where wefeel insecure about how much tocharge clients, and if our clientsare getting their moneys worth from us aspractitioners. This applies for anyone whois self-employed.I had just such a moment at theweekend. I have no idea where it sprungfrom, it came out of the blue, and as suchI thought it should be dealt with there andthen. I asked myself what the best way totackle this was. I received clearly that I needed to look formissing events.Missing events are events that never occurred, but if theydid, would make you see the world quite differently, or feeldifferently about something. If you like, they are the missingnutrition for our energy system, without which we cannot feelcomplete, happy and secure in who we are.We all have MANY missing events and they are a great thingto work with and investigate. As such I thought I would sharewith you what I did to find the answer to this sudden insecuritythat had arisen.I wondered what missing events there were to make me feelthis way and found there were many, all in jobs where I workedfor others. These were all working with animals, and I gave myall, and more than that in my work. But the nutritious energyof money that I needed to receive in return was not there, sothe balance was disrupted, and that receiving area of my lifewas severely malnourished.I visited all of these jobs and gave each aspect (the me thatwas in that situation then) what they needed, which was asalary that truly reflected the amount of work done, theirknowledge at the time, and a proper living wage. I got such asense of satisfaction in the stomach area from this, a real fillingof a gap that I was aware had been present for a long time. Italso made me realise how important it is to be paid per howmuch you give, not just in money and work, but in anything.I then was drawn to look at the aspect who has worked herass off for the last thirty years being a mother, partner, wife,and everything else that entails, and has also tried to be anupstanding human being, daughter, friend, and also has triedto find ways to earn some money at the same time as all this.This aspect had NOT had anything like as much back as shehad given. This aspect was sorely lacking in the receiving andfelt taken for granted, resentful and very under nourished.She received an outstanding achievement award. Theaudience were family and friends, partners and ex husband,and my four children who cheered wildly at the front. Theperson giving the speech and handing over the award….myfather. The one person I always felt couldn’t see past the factthat I hadn’t gone out and earned lots of money, becauseinstead, my life path had given me children that I felt I shouldpay attention to, be around for, and mother to the best of myabilities.His speech addressed all points that I felt he misunderstood,or didn’t appreciate. I cried real tears as I listened. The award,a trophy, was full of champagne that I needed to drink. And Ifelt peculiar after.I felt huge. I felt like at last I was a mother, a proper one. Ialso realised how I had pushed this aspect away, not given herenough due myself, how she had existed behind a veil. I sawjust how much she had achieved and learnt, and howundervalued she had been by all, but especially me.I then visited her as myself, and found her tired, shabby, andstill not her sparkling self. I know she needed ME to dosomething for her, not just to have the missing event with allthose others.And suddenly I held in my hand, a diploma from theUniversity of Life, a first-class degree in parenting, motherhoodand all round emotional and mental support for others. She wasoverwhelmed at first, seeing her name there. She hadn’t beenrecognised for all the wisdom she held, for all that she had done.And this aspect unzipped her motherhood suit, and came out,a sparkling and beautiful being of light. She had reached thepinnacle, when we looked round it was actually MountOlympus that we stood on. All that we needed to learnon this subject was done, we just hadn’t realised it. Wehad gone further than many ever did, and we could nowsee that we no longer had to work our ass off at this. Infact there were new exciting things to learn, to work ourway up in, and they were to do with earning money innew ways, life changing and fun ways. We were stillbeginners on that adventure, but that made it excitingfresh and new.I am now looking at all I have learnt from justhalf-an-hours work on myself, how different I am feeling,and I am wondering if I am still giving far more than Ireceive in return. I am wondering now if I am chargingfar too little!To work with me to change your own life, please visitmy website actionURI(http://kirstenivatts.com):kirstenivatts.comIf you sign up to the newsletter you will receive a halfprice voucher. I also am aware that many are strugglingwith money and I am willing to discuss how we can worktogether with you.Kirsten Ivatts is an AMT EFT Master Practitionerfrom Derbyshire in England who uses many energymodalities in her work. Focusing on removing blocksand limitations, Energetic House Clearing, andworking with Business Entities.Find out more about Kirsten and her business byheading to her website: actionURI(http://kirstenivatts.com):kirstenivatts.comKIRSTEN IVATTSThey can do as much damage as the events that happenMissing Events
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